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RTN Mental Health Solutions is committed to supporting organisations to respond to their employees' mental health needs by offering a timely and compassionate service informed by an approachable and clinically experienced team of professionals.


Michael Schumacher


Looking after your employees' mental health should not be a luxury but an affordable necessity.

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Anna Maplesden

Director of Wellbeing Services

Being listened to, being truly heard and being 'with' is the enabler for an unrevealed story causing distress. In a busy world, it's a common mistake to be interested in the 'fix' - action can come after attention.

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Executive Director

So many of us worry that no one truly understands us. Ultimately, I don't think it's that important. What is important is that you understand you. All our services are in place to help you do this.

what we do

RTN Mental Health Solutions provides a variety of high-quality mental health services for businesses at an affordable rate. We have forged an all-inclusive package to meet the needs of our clients. Having several services to choose from allows employees to decide what works best for them. We find that our clients feel empowered by this autonomy.


We believe that our services have the potential to improve employee mental health thereby reducing absenteeism and increasing employee productivity. Our suite of metrics helps employers identify specific areas of concern within their workforce. We are there to support companies with focused interventions as required.


RTN works with its clients to support them in promoting and instilling a companywide culture of positive wellbeing. Such cultural shifts help employees feel supported by their employers. Having a strong support framework also helps to attract top talent especially at a time when mental health is very much on the political and social agenda in response to the pandemic.

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Client relationship management

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We want to really understand the needs of our customers so we can tailor our services accordingly. We know that a one size fits all approach to mental health does not work so we would like to work with you to achieve your mental health objectives...


Financial Chart

£1 spent by employers on mental health returns £5 of value to the business in reduced absence, reduced presenteeism and reduced staff turnover.

Stock Trade

50 per cent less work hours missed

Finance Chart

Reduced recruitment costs and retained valuable tacit knowledge in the business.

Spotlight on ....

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Everyone has a story to tell, not everyone knows how to tell it, let me help you tell your story.

Sue McGinley



Research in mental health-related subjects is the pathway to a better future to many people.

Neringa Schumacher

Director of Research

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