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Providing mental health care and clinical assessments for individuals, families and workplaces

Press release following the BBC Panorama documentary about private ADHD clinics

RTN Mental Health Solutions, as a private provider that offers ADHD and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) assessments and diagnoses, would like to issue this statement to reassure our clients, prospective clients and the wider public about the service that RTN offers following the BBC Panorama documentary due to air on 15th May 2023 regarding private ADHD clinics.


To deliver accessible and measurable mental health services to our clients.

Our vision

Reduce the mental health burden on companies and individuals globally.

Quick access to affordable therapy, clinical mental health, and neurodiverse diagnostic assessments.

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For businesses

Financial Chart

£1 spent by employers on mental health returns £5 of value to the business in reduced absence, reduced presenteeism and reduced staff turnover.

Stock Trade

50 per cent less work hours missed

Finance Chart

Reduced recruitment costs and retained valuable tacit knowledge in the business.

Spotlight on ....

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The best way to find out whether you’re on the right path? Stop looking at the path.


 I appreciate the holistic model RTN provides. As a person who experienced burnout in the corporate world, I would like to help others avoid that by using the technology and resources I currently have.

Dr Abigail Lucas

Clinical Psychologist

Deborah Cluff, PhD


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