Anila Berisha

I have worked as a practitioner at a private family club where I specialised in the educational development of young children. I am experienced in carrying out assessment data and progress reports that ensure positive social and emotional development. I was also an adolescent mentor that carried out a summer programme and was responsible for my team's pastoral care, safety and well-being. In my experience, counselling is a great way to help those experiencing challenging thoughts to become more centred within themselves. Once I learned pastoral care's responsibility, I knew I wanted to learn more about mental health and work as a therapist.

Throughout my time at university and previous roles, I have spent over four years working alongside accredited psychologists and learning about mental health first-hand. My BPS accredited courses at the University of Bath have given me extensive cognitive and developmental psychology knowledge, which I put into practice during my placements in educational establishments. I have a broad range of experience with child, adolescent, and adult mental health, which has fuelled my passion for helping people live a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. I previously volunteered as a public speaker for Action on Hearing Loss to remove hearing aid stigma and provide a safe space to listen to concerns.

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My specialties lie heavily in DBT, behavioural theory and humanistic counselling as forms of therapy when relating to my interests.

MSc dissertation: A systematic review of factors that predict self-harm in male adolescents.


MSc, Child and Adolescent Mental Health at City University, London

BA (Hons), Educational Psychology at University of Bath