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Anna Dafna has over 18 years of experience mentoring and coaching neuro-distinct children, adolescents and adults and has been listed in Tier One publications, such as Psychology Today the UK and Additude Magazine. With a background in Psychology, Education, Coaching and Expertise in ADHD, Executive Function Challenges, Dyslexia, ASD and other needs, she has a successful business helping international clients maximise confidence, happiness and performance.


Anna holds space for individuals into building healthier self-image, esteem, confidence and mindset and supports them using neuroscience, evidence-based and practical peak performance coaching tools for emotional, mental, organisational, academic mastery.


Her approach is fun, holistic and client-led at heart. She brings empathy, a safe and non-judgemental space to explore, asking the right questions to awaken, empower and inspire from within. Anna's key mission is to celebrate every individual and focus on their strengths and superpowers first and foremost while developing other areas. Her sessions are in English and/or Greek.

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Anna maintains her balance and energy through being in nature (Hyde Park in London is her favourite). She is interested in growing her coaching business, travelling, immersing herself in psychology, self-growth and development. She has been a Latin and Tango Argentino dancer, loves to learn, read and spend time with her family and loved ones.


Peak Performance


Executive Function Challenges

Educational Consulting

Study and Revision Skills



Special Educational Needs (SEN)


Accredited Advanced ADHD and Executive Function Coach

BEd (Education), Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

MEd (Educational and Counselling Psychology), British Psychological Society (BPS) affiliation, MBPsS

Leadership Certification (UCL)

Reiki Master

Life Coaching Cert

Working on NLP Master Cert (currently)

Working on Master Accreditation for ADHD and Executive Function Coaching (currently)

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I can feel that we share the same calling to help people who need it the most. The holistic model RTN provides and in particular the healing and activating impact of nature in our ability to recharge and maximise mental clarity and focus is something that is aligned with my own values

Anna Dafna

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