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Neurodiversity Diagnostic Assessments

RTN Mental Health Solutions provides online full diagnostic assessments of certain neurodiverse conditions. Our assessments are conducted in accordance with the following NICE guidelines:


  • Autism spectrum disorder in adults: Diagnosis and management (1.2 Identification and assessment)

  • Autism spectrum disorder in under 19s: Recognition, referral and diagnosis (1.5 Autism diagnostic assessment for children and young people)

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Diagnosis and management (1.3 Diagnosis)

No long waiting times - 6-12 weeks from booking to full diagnosis*.

No hidden costs - we have a one-off price that is fully inclusive.

No extortionate pricing structure - we charge less than £1,000 for a full diagnosis.

*dependent on the proactive completion and submission of questionnaires from our clients and informants.

Our Mission

To offer timely and affordable neurodiversity diagnostic assessments to all.

Our Commitment to you

A full diagnostic report by an HCPC Registered Psychologist

To complete your assessment within 12 weeks of booking.

To provide you with a detailed report that you can share with schools, GPs, employers or any other relevant parties.

A post-diagnosis session with a member of the RTN team.

Our comitment
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OUR Process

RTN Mental Health Solutions provides full diagnostic assessments for neurodiverse conditions. 

We are aware that some NHS waiting times for diagnosis are over two years. We are also aware that private assessments can be out of the financial reach of many people.

We, therefore, decided it was time to create an affordable alternative that is committed to a speedy turnaround time so that clients can get the assistance they need more quickly.

Online Meeting


A simple online booking process where we take some basic details and payment.

Filling Out a Form


In order to assist with diagnosis, there are a number of questionnaires that we will be sending out by email for completion. For diagnosis, we need to collect corroborating evidence so we may need to send a questionnaire to a parent/carer, partner, close friend, or teacher.

Online Meeting

Mental Health Screening

We are aware that mental health issues are common amongst the neurodiverse community. We have therefore decided to include a mental health assessment. This will help us build a picture of the impact the neurodiverse condition may be having on your mental health and will aid us in being able to make appropriate recommendations for aftercare.

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Diagnostic Interview

This is an online video session with one of our Clinicians. The interview has a set structure in order to obtain the information needed to make a diagnosis.

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Diagnostic Report

This detailed report summarises the methodology, process and outcomes of your assessment. A diagnostic decision is included.

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Aftercare and Signposting

Your diagnostic report will include some recommendations for aftercare and signposting to useful services. We offer a post-diagnosis session with a member of the RTN team to talk through the outcome and any questions you have about the report. 

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