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Deborah Cluff, PhD has over 10 years of professional coaching and psychotherapeutic experience. With a Doctorate in Depth Psychotherapy and certification as a Master Practitioner of NLP, she implements the foundations of psychology using the most innovative techniques to support deep inner healing and real lasting change.


She believes we all have the power to break unhelpful, unconscious patterns and replace them with new models for happiness and success. Working with Deborah, you will learn to recognize your feelings as valuable information, organize your mind, and reconnect to your inner spark so that you can empower your life.


She teaches Master Classes based on the research presented in her book Shame and the Making of Art: a Depth Psychological Perspective (Routledge 2017) as well as her work on therapeutic photography, which was published in Therapeutic Photography: Enhancing Self-Esteem, Self-Efficacy and Resilience (Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2018).



Deborah enjoys the continuous learning opportunity life provides and being nature with a dog by her side and a camera in her pocket. Areas of ongoing investigation include archetypes, expressive arts, indigenous wisdom, and metaphysics.


PhD, Depth Psychology

M.A., Clinical Psychology

Master Practitioner of neurolinguistic programming (NLP)


I appreciate the holistic model RTN provides. RTN respects a model of that world that understands humans are nature - not apart from it. Further, as a person who experienced burn-out in the corporate world, I would like to help others avoid that by using the technology and resources I currently have.

Dr. Deborah Cluff

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