Fiona Small is an Integrative Trained Counsellor and, since qualifying, has completed further training in Play Therapy and CBT. Introducing the correct tools and guidance at a young age often helps to reduce issues that otherwise can resurface later on in life.


Fiona regularly works with adults and young people who have autism including Asperger’s / ADHD and ADD often with additional learning difficulties to help them with their mental health issues.


In addition, I have also worked with many clients who are experiencing a wide range of other problems including addiction, bereavement, depression, OCD to mention just a few.



Fiona enjoys working with all clients especially those who are experiencing additional needs and the challenges that this brings.


Fiona enjoys the challenge of learning how to adapt counselling processes so they are best suited to the client which gives them their own program to ensure they are being helped in the best way for them.


Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Ad Dip PC.

Certificate of Hypnotherapy

Additional training in CBT, Play Therapy

Why RTN?

RTN looks at the whole person which means a recovery program can be created that suits each individual and matches our approach at Stepping Stones.  No one has exactly the same problem so the solution will differ each time.