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All-inclusive therapy

all-inclusive therapy

Online talking therapy is included with your RTN Mental Health Solutions package.

We know that some employees struggle to access the therapy on offer through their employer because they are obliged to go through their HR department to access it. This is not the case with RTN Mental Health Solutions. Employees can preserve their anonymity by self-referring directly through the RTN website or through our customer helpline.


We want to ensure that access to therapy is simple. We will request some initial information from the employee to help us understand their clinical needs. We use a clinically secure platform for our therapy process. This ensures we can optimise consistency by automating a number of our administrative processes. This helps us maintain slick continuity and minimise the stress on the employee.

Therapist Network

RTN Mental Health Solutions has a network of experienced and qualified therapists, all of whom have been vetted and interviewed to ensure they have the necessary skills to represent our ethos. Our network covers a range of therapeutic modalities to support the individual needs of leaders and employees. 



We implement a range of measures to help you understand the mental health needs of your leaders and employees whilst also evidencing how the service is performing. All information is anonymised and aims to help inform your well-being strategy. We are there to support you with any additional mental health interventions you may wish to implement.

Call Centre


We want to make it easy for you to communicate with us. We will therefore give each of our clients their own bespoke telephone number to call us. This means we know it is you calling us, and we can be sure to immediately provide the individual level of service you require.

Our UK-based communications centre will be ready to take your call from 8 am – 5 pm. We directly employ our customer helpline staff and can therefore build familiarity with our client base.

We monitor the quality of our customer helpline by assessing how quickly they answer the phone to you. We also randomly conduct surveys post-call to gauge the quality of service received. As ever, we strive to make improvements where necessary, and we remain transparent in our service quality through our suite of Key Performance Indicators which we publish and share with our clients periodically.

Live chat

live chat

We want to make communications with us as quick and efficient as possible. As well as a customer helpline and email, we also have a Live Chat facility. Fully trained staff are ready to respond to any queries you may have.

At RTN Mental Health Solutions, we understand that mental health issues can be scary and isolating, especially if we have no one to turn to when we are struggling. We also understand that mental health problems are not confined to office hours.


Trained staff are therefore available 24 hours a day to receive communications from our clients over live chat. We are always ready to listen and assist.

Psycho-educational content


We include several training courses in your mental health services package.

Why is educating your workforce important? We believe it:


  • Reduces the stigma around mental health

  • Helps your managers identify mental health issues quickly and how to support team members who are struggling

  • Arms your staff with the tools they need to help themselves or seek out further support

  • Helps to instil a culture of wellbeing across the organisation

We want to work with you to make sure the training content is bespoke and matches your internal branding and policies. We also want you to tell us whether you have specific training requirements so that we can provide you with what you need. Be assured that we regularly review our training content to ensure it remains pertinent.

HR Department Support

HR department support

How can RTN Mental Health Solutions best support the HR departments of its clients?

Well, we have a few ideas:

  • Reducing the stigma of mental health in the workplace through education and cultural shift

  • Regular metrics to help you make targeted mental health interventions

  • Bespoke training with your company branding and policies integrated

  • Training specifically for staff managers to help them better identify mental health concerns in their workforce

  • Mental health first aid training to designated individuals

Our clinically trained and business-minded team is interested in developing a collaborative relationship with your HR or Wellbeing Lead so that we can work together to realise the above ideas. We want you to have several weapons in your arsenal to help combat stigma and mental ill-health.

The stigma surrounding mental health can lead to sufferers not getting the timely help they need. Whilst stigma pertaining to mental health is societal, we also know that it can be addressed within micro-cultures. As such, if a company can create a culture of openness and support which cascades from the Board all the way down through senior management and to all other employees, we believe this can help people identify mental health concerns more quickly and seek out the help they need, as well as reduce the surrounding stigma.

The ‘tone from the top’ (the Board) is vital which is why we encourage companies to include well-being on their strategic agenda. To supplement the Board’s intentions, we can create a bespoke training programme for your staff who have managerial responsibilities. This training can incorporate your own branding and reiterate existing internal policies and procedures. We can help business leaders identify the signs of poor mental health and help them to promote the services available to their staff.

This management training is complemented by training designated individuals within the business to become mental health first aiders. This course teaches people how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue. The training will help people listen, reassure, and respond, even in a crisis – and even potentially stop a crisis from happening.

We also want to help you target your efforts where they are needed. We therefore provide our clients with regular information on their mental health profile. This anonymised data will help you determine whether there are any trends of concern emerging in your business. We can consider together whether there are any specific interventions we can help you put in place to ameliorate these concerns. For example, we can offer a customised training programme on how to cope with stress or we can invite individuals to attend a session on mental health toolboxes.

It is also worth noting that employees now self-refer to RTN Mental Health Solutions if they require support. The HR department is therefore no longer a conduit and employees, who otherwise might have felt anxious at notifying colleagues of their mental health struggles, can now get the help they need autonomously.

Mental Health App

mental health app

RTN Mental Health Solutions combined with the OK Positive smartphone and online app, encourages your employees to engage with a range of mood tools and practical resources to help them increase awareness of their wellbeing and empower them to make proactive choices.

This dual approach enables employees to access professional counselling and coaching support confidentially whilst our experienced team can provide HR professionals and leaders with valuable insights, in the form of analytics; management information and benchmarking, to help your organisation open up dialogue and find collaborative solutions to better inform your wellbeing strategy.

OKP Logo PNG.png

What can the App do for you?

  • Gain the tools to support your staff both individually and collectively. By being aware of any issues in the workplace, you can proactively make improvements.

  • Anonymous feedback channel for aggregated data and analytics about your employees’ mental health.

  • Mood calendar and insights to monitor wellbeing for employees.

  • Resources for individuals to support mental and physical wellbeing.

  • Interactive map of RTN's network of therapists, counsellors and life coaches to contact in confidence.

  • Company analytics and support to ensure you can react positively to employee feedback.

OK+ Mood 81-100.png
OK+ Home - Journeys.png
OK+ Triggers.png

Benefits of using the OK Positive app in the workplace

  • Encourage open and honest discussions about individual and company mental health.

  • Make the workplace a safer space to talk about feelings and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

  • Use evidence-based behavioural techniques to help your employees survive and thrive in the workplace.

  • Helping individuals reach their goals will in turn help you achieve your company objectives.

  • Access to wellbeing discounts and a network of RTN therapists for your employees, along with daily practices and resources to improve wellbeing.

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