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Neurodiverse individuals are, mostly due to how society treats us, more likely to have mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. 

The Institute Of Neurodiversity, ION, identifies and works to remove the systemic barriers, derogatory attitudes, and social exclusion, which make it difficult or impossible for neurodiverse individuals to attain our valued functionings.

Having access to the RTN mental health practitioners who understand the social model of disability as the source of much of our struggles, is key to our mental health.

The Institute Of Neurodiversity’s vision is to be a significant part of developing a world where Neurodiverse individuals are spotlighted for positive things as opposed to negative and to help create a world where Neurodiverse individuals feel accepted, represented, included, empowered and heard. 

This in turn will help change the trajectory of Neurodiverse children and their families when they see images of themselves spotlighted positively. 

Happy Family

ION is creating a global Neurodiversity community where we are all accepted for who we are and where differences are embraced and celebrated. Through ION Neurodiverse individuals are coming together to have a voice and agency in the world.

Individual ion Member Mental Health Cover

     Would you like to be part of a pilot scheme that offers you:

  • Access to online talk therapy with neurodiverse aware therapists

  • Access to a mental health application that uses AI to give you personalised content

  • Access to a mental health forum exclusively for ION individual members 

  • Access to pertinent psycho-educational material

We have been able to package the above services for ION individual members

at an incredible price of £99 for 12 months.

There are limited places available. If you would like to be part of the scheme, contact us at

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