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Joy Gray offers empathetic, holistic, professional counselling - working with growth, purpose & meaning, career direction, illness, bereavement, grief, and self-exploration. Joy provides a gentle, safe place to share and explore what is most important to each of her clients. Joy is an NCS Accredited Registrant, and works integratively, drawing from many modalities, models and experts, with people and empathy at the core of her work.


Joy's approach is informed by:

Psychosynthesis, focusing on internal parts, integration and transformation;

Psychodynamic approaches, drawing from Sieff, Jung and Kalsched;

Mindfulness, drawing from psychosynthesis, MBSR and grounding techniques;

Grief, drawing from Cacciatore’s wisdom, Tonkin’s growth model, Kessler and the dual-process model of grief;

Meaning & purpose, drawing from Yalom, Frankl and Assagioli;

Trauma-informed therapy, as informed from Bessel van der Kolk’s teachings;

Holistic healing, incorporating both peaceful and flow-based activities in addition to talking therapy (such as time in nature, yoga, creative activities, exercise, and others).

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Joy also has an extensive career working with people and teams across the legal, technology, public and voluntary sectors. I understand the pressures and challenges of these areas and how they can impact mental health, including mid-life crises, burnout and a desire to change paths.


Growth, purpose & meaning, career direction, illness, bereavement, grief, and self-exploration.


Bachelor of Science, Human and Organizational Development

Diploma in Counselling                                                              

Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology                     

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Practitioner

Business Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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RTN’s holistic approach to therapy, which is underpinned by a comprehensive mental health offer, aligns with my desire to provide affordable therapy and mental health support through a variety of platforms.

Joy Gray

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