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Katrina Taylor

Graduate of the University of York who studied an MSc in Development disorders and Clinical Practice.


By studying a degree that is under the umbrella of psychology and studying psychology in-depth, I did face some challenges, having not done an undergraduate psychology degree; however, I was able to overcome these with significant time spent researching as well as patience. The topics which my MSc covered were; Research Design & statistics using SPSS, Education neuroscience, Neuro-developmental Disorders, Clinical Practice for developmental disorders, Clinical Research Methods, Treatment of Developmental disorders and Assessment of Developmental disorders.

I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of psychology and take pleasure from looking at upcoming research studies.


I have done a substantial amount of voluntary work including Volunteering in many state schools, Volunteering in a private school, Volunteering in Manchester Royal Children’s Hospital and Volunteering in a Health and Well-being practice. I am a willing individual with the desire to do more, learn more to achieve more for the outcome of myself, the team and the patients.

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My thesis: Academic Resilience in School-aged children.


BA(hons) Childhood studies and MSc Developmental Disorders and Clinical Practice. 

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