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Nicola Keogh is a very experienced therapist and educator and has been practising therapeutically for over 20 years. She's provided support in a broad range of settings ranging from voluntary clinics, educational settings, corporate support services and within the ASN sector.

Nicola is trained in a range of therapeutic modalities and is really happy to tailor sessions to your needs. Nicola specialises in providing support to individuals and families who are struggling to make sense of life events or struggling to deal with complex emotions. 

Nicola has worked extensively with young adults, who are challenged educationally by autism, dyslexia, ADHD. Her experience also lies within the college and university sector supporting those who are struggling with the pressures of modern life.

Nicola is additionally trained by Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training.

She also supports those who are challenged emotionally by self-esteem issues, anxiety disorders, body image and depression.

She is happy to discuss with you any areas of concern. 

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MA Hons (The University of Glasgow)

PGCE (The University Of Paisley Craigie Campus)

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Langside College in conjunction with Trinity College London)

Counselling Skills COSCA (The University Of Edinburgh)

Advance Diploma In Counselling (BACP)

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I work with RTN to reach those who struggle to access traditional therapy support.

Nicola Keogh

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