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Notice of Service Updates

RTN Mental Health Solutions would like to share the following service updates.

Service Improvements

RTN’s diagnostic assessments are fully compliant with NICE guidelines and we aim to offer the highest standards of service and quality to our customers. To ensure we maintain our excellent reputation, we constantly consider the latest research and technological developments, seeking ways to improve. We are delighted to announce that, as of 1st October 2023, we shall be implementing the following improvements to our diagnostic services:

ADHD Assessments

•    All customers undergoing an ADHD Assessment will receive a QbTest, provided by our partner Qbtech.

QbTest is an FDA-cleared, CE-marked, and widely used objective ADHD test that measures core ADHD symptoms; activity, attention, and impulsivity. The standardised test is backed by years of research and is used alongside our diagnostic assessment process to provide objective, evidence-based results. The test involves a 15 or 20-minute computer-based test, measuring the three core symptoms of ADHD. Data from the test is compared to a normative control group of the same sex and age who do not have ADHD. The results will form part of RTNs comprehensive diagnostic report.

ASD Assessments

•    All children undergoing a Child ASD Assessment will receive an improved observational assessment.

Previously, our observational assessments have been completed as part of the ADIR (diagnostic interview) appointment. The observational assessment will now be completed by a qualified clinician as a separate appointment. Our new and improved observational assessment has been developed following the principals of ADOS-2 and is fully NICE compliant.

Price Increases

RTN Mental Health Solutions was established to offer high-quality, affordable and accessible diagnostic services for neurodevelopmental conditions, such as ASD and ADHD. Based on our ethos of making these services available to as many people as possible, RTN set their prices at the lowest possible rates.

Due to a combination of the service improvements outlined above and economic factors outside of our control, we have no choice but to announce that we will be increasing our prices as of Sunday 1st October 2023. Our new prices from this date forwards shall be:

Assessment Type
Current Price
Price from 1st October
Child Combined Assessment
Child ASD Assessment
Child ADHD Assessment
Adult Combined Assessment
Adult ASD Assessment
Adult ADHD Assessment

New Services

RTN Mental Health Solution’s vision is to be able to offer our customers with an holistic service that can meet all of your screening, assessment, diagnosis and treatment needs.


RTN are delighted to announce that we will be launching a range of new services in September 2023, bringing us closer to realising our vision.

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