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This is an all inclusive ADHD partnership package with RTN Medical


Total cost : £1890


What's included...

1. Access to our clinical reporting team to be guided throughout the assessment
2. A critical review of collateral and developmental data which is collected from family
members, school and medical reports.
3. A (2-hour) online ADHD assessment with one of our qualified clinicians.
4. A detailed diagnostic report containing the diagnostic outcome of the assessment from a HCPC registered Psychologist.


The price includes all consultations, typical investigations, and a full bespoke
diagnostic report directly prepared by our multidisciplinary team.



Followed by a referral to RTN medical for psychiatric treatment 


Note- This package does not include the fee payable to RTN Medical (£995).


Note- A QB test (computer-based) to analyse attention ability on an infrared measurementsystem also available upon request.

Adult ADHD Assessment and Referral for Psychiatric treatment.

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