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Rachel Leah Gerson is a Metaphysical Practitioner and Psychic Educator, and the creator of Doorway to Self, where she offers metaphysical sessions that integrate the use of counselling techniques with psychic education and tools to help you find, embrace, and step into your greatest Self and therefore, your mental health.


As a licensed mental health professional, Rachel is determined to help people understand the intersection of mental health and psychic abilities, because “If you’re human, you’re psychic”.

You can find more of her work and more from Doorway to Self at, on Instagram @doorwaytoself and @rachel.leah.gerson, and on YouTube and Facebook “Doorway to Self”.


You can also be sure to tune into The Doorway to Self Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Anchor, iHeartradio, and more. 



-Clinical Mental Health

-Alternative/Holistic Mental Health

-Psychic Education



-Bridging the gap between the world of mental health and the world of metaphysics

-Mental Health from the perspective of understanding your own personal energy, and the energy of others in relation to one’s self

-Astrology for mental health

-Numerology for mental health

-Psychic diagnostics and psychic training

-Training for psychic diagnostics and viewing mental health and mental illness from a psychic lens for mental health professionals


Rachel is a Limited Licensed Professional Counsellor (LLPC) as recognised by the state of Michigan. She holds an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counselling from Western Michigan University. She is also currently enrolled in a non-secular PhD programme of Metaphysics at the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Sciences with a focus on Hypnotherapy, where she also holds a non-secular Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysics. She received her secular Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan with a double major in English and Creative Writing. 


Additionally, she has studied intensive psychic training with a mentor in Northern England in 2013 and is currently working regularly with a mentor trained in earthen energy medicines from various traditions. She has also acquired various training and certificates from the age of 16, in energy work, card reading, numerology, astrology, crystal healing, and more.


RTN is helping to disintegrate the harmful disconnect that we currently have created between nature and mental health. Just as all humans are psychic (we are all inherently energy as beings, and therefore have access to the perceptions of energy within us and without us), nature is also a psychic force (it, too, is alive, and therefore made of energy). Nature is one of the missing factors that are inherent to bridging the gap between our current state of humanity, and the mental health that we are all deeply devoid of.

Rachel Leah Gerson

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