As BACP Member Counsellor, Sue McGinley's journey of discovery began more than 10 years ago and continues in the present.  Sue is a person-centred counsellor and works with young people and adults to help dig into difficult experiencing and emotional turmoil.  Sue offers a space that works with the individual through talking therapy and using creativity. 


Before qualifying as a therapeutic counsellor, Sue trained as a nursery nurse and later moved into education and studied sciences.  She is very much wanted to support young people and has worked with young people with additional needs both in education and as a counsellor.  Currently, Sue supports people with ADHD, autism and Aspergers, or perhaps feels they experience life differently and want to understand themselves better and communicate what it means to be them. 

Sue is very much person-centred, creating a space to explore life experiences and identify what might be a helpful way of working through exploration.  We explore the physical experiences and connect with the felt sense for those who don't understand their feelings and emotions. This can feel confusing and frustrating, and this is when working creatively can help.  Being creative can help remove barriers and create a flow, but creativity is as much about language and finding a way to speak our truth as it is about creating a physical piece of work.

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Being creative has been part of Sue's journey and can be very therapeutic in working through our thoughts and feelings and challenging us. In addition, the use of language, writing and creativity help give meaning and depth to our story. This area particularly interests Sue and is an area Sue is continually exploring and developing. 


Sue has also focused on Trauma and Shame, devoting time to develop her understanding and how best to support the individual.  Sometimes we don’t have words to express the pain we feel because events have been so traumatic that we have shut down in the process. Sue is interested in developing further by recognising the gentle path needed to support individuals with traumatic experiencing and providing a safe space.


Working with young people and adults with ADHD, ASD, and Aspergers has challenged Sue to develop her understanding further and develop skills that work with the individual.

Professional development has led Sue to work creatively, developing techniques to work with Shame, Anger, Fear, Guilt, Boundaries, Masks and Grief. Sue is about to start an Awakening Creativity Certificate to develop this further.


2020 - OCST2 Online Counselling Diploma Course

2018 - Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

2016 -Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies

2012 - Level 2 Certificate in Counsellings Skills

2010 - Open University BSc

1994 – NNEB – Diploma in Child Care