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RTN Testimonials

We are extremely proud to share some of the comments we received from our diagnostic assessment clients after carrying out a customer satisfaction survey.

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Overall, a really good experience, nicely structured and interaction been really positive.


Absolutely brilliant service received. Extensive report written and I could not recommend highly enough. I shall be recommending to the people I work with who are struggling to get CAMHS to diagnose.


So overjoyed at having people that wanted to help. Also the 6 week period of completion is excellent. Oscar was very responsive to the team and they ensured he was comfortable during the assessment.


The team were very responsive. Great communication throughout. Very professional. Definitely would recommend.


My overall experience with RTN Mental Health Solutions has been excellent. I can't compare it to anything else. Their communication and customer service remained at a consistently high and professional standard throughout. The information and service that the staff provided me with were very clear, easy to understand, helpful, and incredibly supportive. The questionnaires that my sister, my mother, and I were sent to fill out were written out clearly and they were very easy to navigate around as the layout of each questionnaire was simple but so effective. Dr. Renata Fialho assessed and diagnosed me, and I can't thank her enough. During my ASD diagnostic interview, she was really friendly, professional, and very patient with me. I didn't once feel rushed to answer a question that she presented me with, and the interview went so well that it didn't feel like we had spoken to one another for an hour. At the end of the interview when she diagnosed me, she provided me with some really encouraging and empowering words of wisdom and advice that I will never forget. I am truly grateful. The turnaround time from sending off my ASD assessment inquiry to getting diagnosed was excellent and really impressed me. Getting diagnosed with Autism has not only had a massive positive impact on my life, but it has also saved my life. Thank you, RTN! I'm ever so grateful and thankful for all that you've done for me during this entire process. If I know anybody else who wants to seek an Autism diagnosis, I'll be recommending you!


A great team and service at every step of the way.


Thank you so much for looking after me throughout this process. I've been so impressed how every step has been well organised and what a safe and gentle set of hands you all are. Thank you so much.


As an NHS professional and indeed diagnostic clinician myself it was hard to pick a private provider. I chose RTN as you didn’t slavishly rely on diagnostic tools but instead appeared interested in the individual as a whole. I wasn’t disappointed. Customer care by Lucy was excellent, always responsive, polite and helpful. The operation as a whole was slick and professional and I was kept well informed. Graeme was really lovely and compassionate. Very easy to talk to. Renata was really on the ball, insightful, knowledgable and very sensitive to my own anxiety.

Overall I’m very satisfied with the service provided. I’m NHS through and through, but RTN have gone a long way to persuading me that private companies can be compassionate and person-centred too. Thank you!


I’ve been really impressed by the service RTN have provided. All my interactions have been handled professionally and quickly, and the promised 6-week timeframe from initial assessment to diagnostic report has been met. Overall, I’m very happy! Many thanks.


I chose RTN Mental Health Solutions for an ADHD assessment because the price was reasonable and they could take me on immediately.
The communications with the office were really clear and very helpful.
The whole process went smoothly and the final report was informative.


So thankful for your payment plan and instalment system. We would have struggled without it. Having gone through the NHS for my sons I can say it was cold and impersonal. There was a huge lack of in-depth understanding and zero lived experience so I was made to feel like a bad Mum. Your service was kind and positive from the start. I was very nervous but I felt understood during the diagnostic interview and although it was hard I was given time and empathy. I actually shed a few tears because this had been such a difficult decision to go for the assessment. I felt that the whole experience has been extremely positive, especially for my daughter who can now get on with her life and be proud of who she is, a beautiful, intelligent, musical, drama-loving, quirky, caring neurodivergent human!

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