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RTN Testimonials

We are extremely proud to share some of the comments we received from our diagnostic assessment clients after carrying out a customer satisfaction survey.

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Overall, a really good experience, nicely structured and interaction been really positive.


Absolutely brilliant service received. Extensive report written and I could not recommend highly enough. I shall be recommending to the people I work with who are struggling to get CAMHS to diagnose.


So overjoyed at having people that wanted to help. Also the 6 week period of completion is excellent. Oscar was very responsive to the team and they ensured he was comfortable during the assessment.


The team were very responsive. Great communication throughout. Very professional. Definitely would recommend.


Thank you so much for looking after me throughout this process. I've been so impressed how every step has been well organised and what a safe and gentle set of hands you all are. Thank you so much.


As an NHS professional and indeed diagnostic clinician myself it was hard to pick a private provider. I chose RTN as you didn’t slavishly rely on diagnostic tools but instead appeared interested in the individual as a whole. I wasn’t disappointed. Customer care by Lucy was excellent, always responsive, polite and helpful. The operation as a whole was slick and professional and I was kept well informed. Graeme was really lovely and compassionate. Very easy to talk to. Renata was really on the ball, insightful, knowledgable and very sensitive to my own anxiety.

Overall I’m very satisfied with the service provided. I’m NHS through and through, but RTN have gone a long way to persuading me that private companies can be compassionate and person-centred too. Thank you!


I’ve been really impressed by the service RTN have provided. All my interactions have been handled professionally and quickly, and the promised 6-week timeframe from initial assessment to diagnostic report has been met. Overall, I’m very happy! Many thanks.


I chose RTN Mental Health Solutions for an ADHD assessment because the price was reasonable and they could take me on immediately.
The communications with the office were really clear and very helpful.
The whole process went smoothly and the final report was informative.

Sorin Schiller

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After years of waiting with the NHS I decided to go private with my ADHD assessment and after looking into 8 other clinics that had a lot of misleading hidden costs to the whole process it was refreshing to find transparency and clarity in the diagnosis process. I just had the final report beeing sent to me and I can say that the while experience was positive and I'm excited of continuing my treatment with RTN.