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Setup fee

The Initial Set Up Fee


We want to offer you a tailored mental health service. As such, there are administrative costs involved in the take-on process, which are covered within this fee.


RTN Mental Health Solutions is committed to promoting community-based positive mental health and therefore donates 100% of the setup fee to a mental health charity in the UK.


Average Cost Per Employee Per Month

We charge an average of £5 per employee per month. The exact cost depends on how many employees we are servicing within the contract. The more employees we service, the less we are able to charge.

We know how frustrating it can be to communicate endlessly with suppliers and sit through presentations on services when you have no idea whether the cost is going to match your budget. This is why we have chosen to be bold and share the average cost up front.

We are confident in sharing this information because we know that it is highly competitive. Most basic costs for Employment Assistance Programmes are in the range of £8 - £15 per employee per month. Supplementary to this, many EAPs charge companies for the therapy uptake with an average cost of £70 - £180 per employee.

At £5 per employee per month (on average), your therapy is included in this price.

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