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Private Autism Assessments for individuals aged 6 and over

We provide online private assessments for Autism, conducted by our group of HCPC-certified clinicians. Our mission is to offer a hassle-free journey, ensuring a precise diagnosis and the necessary support post-diagnosis.

What is Autism?

Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that impacts how a person perceives and socialises with others. It can cause problems in social interaction and communication.

Signs someone is Autistic:

Social communication challenges e.g. spoken language, gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, tone of voice, expressions not meant to be taken literally

Other social challenges e.g. recognising emotions and intentions in others, recognising one's own emotions, expressing emotions, seeking emotional comfort from others, feeling overwhelmed in social situations, taking turns in conversation, gauging personal space

Restricted and repetitive behaviours e.g. repetitive body movements, repetitive motions with objects, staring at lights or spinning objects, ritualistic behaviours, narrow or extreme interests in specific topics, need for unvarying routine

What causes Autism?

We're still on a journey to fully understand the intricacies of autism.

While we don't have definitive answers yet, prevailing scientific consensus points towards genetics playing a significant role in autism. Over the years, numerous studies have delved into the potential causes, and one consistent finding is the potential hereditary aspect of the condition.

On the flip side, it's essential to clarify some misconceptions. Despite various myths and misinformation, environmental factors have not been established as the root cause of autism. One particularly widespread myth, the alleged link between autism and vaccines, has been extensively studied and debunked. Multiple high-quality studies have affirmed that vaccines are not a contributing factor to autism.

As research continues, it's crucial to stay updated with credible sources and avoid jumping to conclusions based on unverified information.

Why get an Autism diagnosis?

For adults a diagnosis can help you understand why you might find some things harder than other people. It might help you explain to others why you see and feel the world in a different way. It may also help you get support at university or work.

Diagnosis in children can help parents understand the child's needs and how you can best support them. It can also help get access to supplementary support at school. It may also help getting access to further support for parents and carers such as financial benefits.

Autism is a lifelong condition and the concept of a cure is controversial for many autistic people and their families, however, there are a range of approaches that can support autistic people to reach their full potential. Autism is complex and what helps one person may not help others, so it is vital that each person has an individual support plan adapted to their specific needs. Such support may include:

Psychotherapy: Delve into therapeutic methodologies tailored to address the distinct sensory, emotional, and social facets inherent to Autism, facilitating improved self-awareness and interpersonal interactions.

Life Navigation Sessions: Obtain insights on adeptly handling daily scenarios, fostering meaningful relationships, and charting a path through life's diverse challenges, all with Autism in focus.

Life Skills Workshops: Equip yourself with hands-on techniques to enhance communication, bolster self-reliance, and navigate social landscapes, fortifying confidence and autonomy.

Educational Support: Tap into bespoke learning tools and methodologies designed to resonate with the unique cognitive processes of those with Autism, ensuring progressive and enriching academic experiences.

Environment Customizations: Be it in educational settings or professional arenas, adaptations can be championed to construct an Autism-accommodating space, accentuating comfort and optimizing engagements.

Trust RTN for private Autism assessments & aftercare support

At RTN Mental Health Solutions, we guide you through the world of Autism assessments, backed by a team of compassionate professionals and a straightforward approach. Discover why so many choose and trust RTN:

NICE compliant assessments

Our assessments are conducted in accordance with NICE guidelines: ensuring high standards of evidence-based practice, promoting patient safety, and delivering quality care.

Accessible and convenient online assessments

With our online assessments, receive the support and clarity you need from the comfort of your home, without compromising on accuracy or quality.

Post-diagnostic support

Our diagnostic report ensures a thorough understanding of each individual's unique needs. By diving deep into their specific challenges and strengths, we are able to provide personalised aftercare recommendations.

Transparent and competitive pricing

We believe in clear, upfront communication about costs to ensure you can focus on your assessment and support. We also provide 0% interest payment plans to help you spread the cost of your assessment.

Experienced providers of private Autism assessments

Having conducted more than 2,000 evaluations, we've assisted individuals on their paths, offering insight and assistance with our comprehensive Autism diagnostic assessments.

What’s included in our online Autism assessment?

  • Diagnostic questionnaires sent, collated and analysed.

  • An online diagnostic interview with an HCPC registered clinicians.

  • An online ADOS-informed observational assessment with an experienced clinician.

  • A full diagnostic report with recommendations for aftercare.

  • A post-diagnostic online session with a member of the RTN team (child ASD assessments only).

Our stress-free assessment process

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Once you have booked your assessment, you are automatically sent your pre-assessment diagnostic questionnaire.

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Our team will arrange a time and date to complete the online diagnostic interview with one of our HCPC registered clinicians. The diagnostic interview is thorough and we recommend allowing up to 3 hours for the assessment.

image 118.png

You will be sent your diagnostic report which will contain a summary of the diagnostic interview as well as the output from your questionnaire. The report will also contain the final diagnostic decision with recommendations for aftercare support.

Book now to secure your online Autism assessment with our expert team

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