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Combined ADHD & Autism Diagnostic Assessment

A full combined ADHD and ASD diagnostic assessment for  £1,490 (currently available for anyone aged 6 or older). You have the option of spreading the cost (monthly payments with the full balance paid within 5 months).

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What's included?

  • Diagnostic questionnaires sent, collated and analysed.

  • An online mental health screening 

  • An online diagnostic interview with an HCPC Registered Clinical Psychologist.

  • A full diagnostic report with recommendations for aftercare.

  • A post-diagnostic online session with a member of the RTN team (child ASD assessments only).

benefits of purchasing a combined assessment

  • A single process so you do not have to duplicate any form filling

  • Reassurance that you are covering both conditions as some studies suggest that more than one-third of Autistic people show signs of ADHD 

  • A reduction in the price of conducting both assessments separately

  • A combined aftercare plan that considers multiple diagnoses

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ADHD Strengths

Those diagnosed with ADHD may experience the following:

Hyperfocus - the ability to focus on a task for hours on end essentially tuning out everything else around them.

Resilience - Living with ADHD is challenging and means overcoming a number of obstacles that, over time, can build resilience and strength of character.

Creativity - those with ADHD are often highly creative - this may be because people with ADHD often have to approach tasks differently which means they can become great problem solvers and can often think of unique solutions because of their different perspectives.

Conversational skills - people with ADHD are often great conversationalists - this ability applies especially to those who have more of the inattentive type of ADHD. Studies also suggest that people with ADHD may have higher levels of social intelligence, humour and empathy.

Spontaneity and Courage - many people enjoy the unplanned moments and adventures that keep life interesting, and individuals with ADHD excel in this area. Their impulsive nature can lend itself to spontaneous activities that often leave enjoyable and lasting memories.

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Those diagnosed with autism may experience the following:

Hyperlexia - Learning to read at a very early age.

Memory - The ability to memorise and assimilate information quickly.

Visual learning - the ability to think and learn in a visual way.

Logical thinking - the ability to think logically and rationally.

Precision - an excellent eye for detail.

Honesty - exceptional honesty and reliability.

Concentration - the ability to concentrate for long periods of time when motivated.

Problem-solving - a capability for problem-solving and thinking of multiple ways to logically get to a satisfactory conclusion.

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