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Our mission is to provide fast, easy and affordable access to private assessments and diagnoses for conditions such as autism and ADHD.

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RTN's vision is to:

Create a neuro-inclusive world.

Make diagnostic assessments, specialist therapy and support for neurodivergent individuals readily available.

Improve the lives of neurodivergent people.

RTN's mission is to:

Provide fast, easy, transparent and affordable access to NICE compliant assessments and diagnoses for neurodevelopmental conditions, such as autism and ADHD.

Support individuals before,during and post-diagnosis to help them gain a better understanding of themselves and access the right support.

Continually research and innovate our services to achieve the best outcomes.

RTN has developed an innovative, online model that is supported by our team of neurodiversity specialist clinicians, therapists, researchers, managers and administrative staff who:

  •  All have neurodiversity qualifications, training or lived experience.

  • Continually seek ways to innovate the service and experience we offer our clients.

  •  Deliver NICE compliant diagnostic assessments for ASD and ADHD, typically within 8-weeks.

  • Provide post-diagnostic support in the form of detailed diagnostic reports, counselling and therapy packages, psychoeducational materials and signposting to our network of support groups, coaches and tools.

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