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Mind Enquire

by Dr. Renata Fialho

Specialised therapy & consultation services helping to support neurodivergent athletes & individuals with long-term physical conditions

We offer one-to-one therapy tailored to address the unique challenges and promote well-being in these specific groups. Additionally, our consultation work with coaches and families aims to develop personalised care plans to enhance engagement, performance, and mental health support.

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At the helm of Mind Enquire is Dr. Renata Fialho, Lead Consultant Psychologist at RTN Mental Health Solutions

Dr Renata Fialho is Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Researcher, with extensive experience working with adults with mental health difficulties. She completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in Lisbon, Master’s in Medical and Psychology School in HIV and her PhD in chronic illness and neurocognition from the University of Sussex.

Currently, Dr Renata Fialho works in an NHS specialist service at the
general hospital. Having developed extensive experience with post-Covid
syndrome, emotional difficulties associated with long-term or chronic
conditions, such as FND, long Covid, fibromyalgia, and persistent physical

  • HCPC registered

  • BPS chartered member

  • ACP UK member

One-to-one Therapy for Long-Term Physical Conditions

Initial Assessment - £300

Follow-up Therapy - £240

Mind Enquire offers individual therapy for individuals with long-term physical conditions. This therapy is designed to help individuals cope with the challenges and emotional difficulties associated with conditions such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, functional neurological disorders (FND), and the long-term effects of Covid.

The therapy focuses on addressing the psychological impact of these conditions, providing support, developing coping strategies, and improving overall well-being.

An initial consultation to determine the individual suitability to proceed with therapeutic interventions. 


One-to-one Therapy for Neurodivergent Athletes

Initial Assessment - £300

Follow-up Therapy - £240

Mind Enquire provides individual therapy specifically tailored for neurodivergent athletes. Neurodivergent athletes may include individuals with conditions such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or other neurodevelopmental differences.

The therapy aims to address the unique challenges faced by neurodivergent athletes in sports and enhance their mental well-being. It may focus on improving self-confidence, managing anxiety, developing coping skills, and optimising performance in sports.

An initia
l consultation to determine the individual suitability to proceed with therapeutic interventions. 


Consultation work with coaches and families

Consultation - £300

Mind Enquire offers consultation services to coaches and families of neurodivergent athletes. The purpose of these consultations is to collaboratively develop individual care plans that support the engagement, performance, and mental health of the athletes.

Through these consultations, Dr. Fialho provides guidance and expertise in understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by neurodivergent athletes. The care plans may include strategies to optimise training, manage stress and anxiety, foster communication, and create a supportive environment that promotes both athletic development and mental well-being.


Neurodivergence in Sport

Explore how Michael Phelps, an iconic figure in swimming, uses the transformative force of sports to overcome the obstacles of ADHD

Video courtesy of Jazzys WorldTV (YouTube)

For all enquiries relating to Mind Enquire, please email

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