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Genius Within

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Genius Within CIC is the leading Organisational Psychology consultancy for Neurodiversity and Disability inclusion. GW specialises in services for the workplace offering consultancy, training, employment support, awareness, strategy coaching and assessments. Established in 2011, GW works with organisations across a wide range of sectors including government bodies, finance, technology, entertainment, pharmaceutical, and the service sector, delivering services across the Globe including the UK and Europe, USA, Australia, and Canada.

The GW working model and organisational systems are built on evidence-based practice, funding several employees in doctoral studies and employ a multi-disciplinary team of applied and clinical psychologists, HR professionals, specialist assessors, workplace strategy coaches and training facilitators. The board is representative of all neurodivergence, 43% of staff have lived experience of neurodiverse conditions, and 60% identify as disabled.

The Psychology & Advisory team works closely with employers and understands their internal challenges, routinely supporting HR and D&I practitioners on developing inclusive working environments and provide guidance on a range of subjects such as recruitment, talent retention, conflict management, manager training and performance coaching. 

GW have advised on the creation of many Neurodiversity Toolkits, for example, for Business Disability Forum, and ACAS, and have also provided guidance, along with a checklist, outlining how to commission high quality Neurodiversity services for organisations, ensuring they commission professional services with the professional qualifications, insurance, and systems in place.


Neurodiversity is the concept that all humans vary in terms of our neurocognitive ability. Everyone has both talents and things they struggle with. However, for some people the variation between those strengths and weaknesses is more pronounced, which can bring talent but can also be disabling.


Neurodivergent people tend to find some things very easy and other things incredibly hard. This usually leads to an inconsistent performance at school or work.

Neurodiversity can be a competitive advantage when the individuals are in the right environment, making use of their strengths, instead of constantly trying to overcome challenges. To achieve this, we must create inclusive spaces at work and learn to reduce disabling factors and amplify diverse abilities.

  • 90% of disabilities are not visible

  • 5% of the population have ADHD

  • 1-2% of the population is autistic

  • 10% of the population are dyslexic

  • 5% of the population are dyspraxic

  • 1-2% of the population have Tourette Syndrome

  • 7 % of the population have mental health needs

  • 5% of the population have an acquired brain injury

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Institute of Neurodiversity ION

ION is creating a global Neurodiversity community where we are all accepted for who we are and where differences are embraced and celebrated. Through ION Neurodiverse individuals are coming together to have a voice and agency in the world. 

Read more about ION as a strategic RTN partner here.

OK Positive

OK Positive is a business-to-business mental health application designed to reduce the effects of mental health issues in the workplace (including anxiety, stress and depression) and support employees with their day-to-day mental health, creating a happier and more productive workforce.

Visit website:

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solve Charity for mental health

SOLVE is really pleased to be working in collaboration with RTN Mental Health Solutions and making a difference to the lives of those suffering from mental health problems.


With the ‘package’ we have put together, we are confident

that everyone using our services will feel fully supported throughout their journey.



Untapped Holdings is a social enterprise with a mission to help organisations overcome skill shortages through building high-performing teams from groups of highly skilled individuals. We work with organisations to identify commercially compelling employment opportunities and have developed a unique and proven model to implement autistic employment programs; integrating them as business as usual. The model includes relevant training, materials, organisational change methods and integrated workplace and life skills curricula.

As well as assisting a number of large organisations with their autism at work programs, some of the initiatives we are also driving include:


Visit website:

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Training International

The home of Neurodiversity Training, Neurodiversity Content Creation, Neurodiversity Course/Module Design, Neurodiversity Coaching Programme Design, Neurodiversity Marketing, and Neurodiversity Business and non-profit mentoring. 

Founded by autistic best-selling author, motivational speaker, mentor to autistic young people, former social worker, and business strategist - Jude Morrow.

Visit website:

Activate community

ACT!VATe logo.png

ACTIVATe Community is a focused social media platform. This means engagement goes somewhere, leads to something, creates something. We aspire to achieve meaningful change for Neurodivergent communities, globally, by facilitating this collaborative space. When we collect our stories in an organised, meaningful way - channelling our collective passion for social justice and co-producing peer research and resources - we will be the virtual knowledge and power base to lead policy-makers, health services, and businesses, as we forward the interests of the Neurodiversity Movement together.

Visit website:

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Potentia Workforce

At Potentia, we help leading organizations to connect with neurodiversity to the benefit of all involved. Through Potentia STARS, we lead employers through the training, recruiting and support necessary to become neurodiversity competent. We then connect them with outstanding candidates in a wide variety of disciplines who bring innovation, dedication and wonderfully fresh perspectives. Through Potentia Projects, we leverage our own neurodiverse teams to outsource complex IT and analytics work for organizations looking to solve persistent problems and achieve competitive advantage.

Visit website:


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You and your colleagues can join Emily online from the comfort of your own home or the workplace as you listen to her guided meditations. Through breathwork and visualisation techniques you can unlock a calmer, more rational and patient workforce.


Did you know that employers who have implemented meditation programmes for their employees have seen an 85% decrease in absenteeism? They've also seen an increase in employee productivity by 120%! Allow your team to feel less stressed, less burnout, less irritable and enjoy a life of mental resilience, great decision making and plenty of restful sleep.


Emily at Innerspace has a variety of live or recorded,  shorter or longer meditation sessions ready to support your team to be the greatest version of themselves.

Visit website:


ADHD Wise UK are pleased to be working alongside RTN mental health solutions to champion all things ADHD and associated conditions.

ADHD Wise UK is a provider of coaching, training, and specialist teacher services. They were the first providers of group coaching for adults with ADHD in the UK, and still lead the way in this. They operate as a social enterprise with a commitment to providing quality affordable coaching, training, and support.

Jannine Perryman MA, PGCE, the CEO of ADHD Wise UK, has a prominent presence in the UK. She is a recognised expert of ADHD and takes theory as well as personal experience and blends effortlessly in order to deliver individualised support and guidance.

ADHD Wise UK works with and alongside individuals, families, educational institutions, and commerce.


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