Helping Hands

SOLVE is really pleased to be working in collaboration with RTN Mental Health Solutions and making a difference to the lives of those suffering from mental health problems.


With the ‘package’ we have put together, we are confident

that everyone using our services will feel fully supported throughout their journey.

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My name is Sherrill Searle and I am the Founder and CEO of

SOLVE Mental Health. 

For all, but the first five years of my life, I have lived with Manic Depression/Bipolar. My dear Father, suffered Manic Depression and was in and out of hospitals from 1954-1966 when with the ultimate threat of a lobotomy, he took his own life.


In 1995 I was diagnosed with Bipolar.  However, in 2017 I met with a well renowned London psychiatrist, whose final words as I was leaving my first meeting with him have become a reality, “I will get you on the minimum medication, for the maximum effect”.


With the threat of having to close due to COVID and lack of funding, my trustees asked me to think of a fellow like-minded charity that we could amalgamate with.  I couldn’t think of one. 


However, I had a lightbulb moment that came from a chance meeting of finding Michael Schumacher and RTN Mental Health Solutions who I knew had exactly the same ethos and values for RTN as I had for SOLVE.

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The main reason organisations are struggling to reduce the negative effects and costs of poor Mental Health is because there is a lot of awareness, but not a lot of solutions to the issues at hand, because they differ from company to company. It is not as simple as purely offering therapist support as this is usually a later stage of treatment.

Charlie Winton

Founder - Ok Positive

OK Positive is a business-to-business mental health application designed to reduce the effects of mental health issues in the workplace (including anxiety, stress and depression) and support employees with their day-to-day mental health, creating a happier and more productive workforce.


OK Positive provides individuals with the bespoke tools to each user profile through AI and machine learning, while providing analytical insight for organisations to make positive proactive change.

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OK Positive  together with RTN Mental Health Solutions is committed to supporting any organisation's Mental Health needs.