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New Services

RTN Mental Health Solution’s vision is to be able to offer our customers with an holistic service that can meet all of your screening, assessment, diagnosis and treatment needs. 

RTN are delighted to announce that we will be launching a range of new services in September 2023, bringing us closer to realising our vision. Detailed information for each of the new services outlined below will be published on our website as soon as they go live.

Therapeutic Services

RTN shall imminently be launching post-diagnostic therapy services for customers. This service is also available to parents of children who have been diagnosed.


We shall be offering remote one-to-one therapy sessions, which will be provided by neurodiversity trained therapists who will offer a variety of therapy modalities that are tailored for neurodiverse individuals. 

Following an initial consultation, one-to-one therapy sessions start from £72 per hour and discounts are available for customers booking blocks of multiple sessions.

We shall also be offering post-diagnostic group sessions, focussing on topics such as coping strategies for sleep, time management, anxiety and communicating your diagnosis to your friends and family, plus providing access to psychoeducational material and further signposting to relevant services. Prices will start from £54 per person per group session. Courses of 4 to 6 sessions (dependent on the diagnosis) will be offered at reduced rates when booked as a block. 

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Access to Medication

RTN are proud to announce that our sister business, RTN Medical, has recently achieved CQC registered status and has officially launched.


Working in collaboration with RTN Medical, RTN Mental Health Solutions will have the option of referring previously diagnosed customers to RTN Medical in order to access ADHD medication privately.


For new customers, we shall be launching new and enhanced packages that will include diagnostic assessments, a face-to-face consultation with a psychiatrist, medical investigations and access to a private prescription, if required. Alternatively, customers can undergo our ADHD assessment and decide to access the medical route at a later date.


RTN Medical will also be offering consultations, medical assessments, investigations and maintenance care packages for a broad range of mental health conditions beyond the services that RTN Mental Health Solutions offer. Full details are available via their website.

Specialised Therapy and Consultancy

RTN is excited to announce our partnership with private psychology clinic, Mind Enquire. Run by our own Lead Consultant Psychologist, Dr. Renata Fialho, Mind Enquire offers access to specialist therapy and consultation:

1.    One-to-one therapy for both neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals suffering from long-term or chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, long Covid, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and functional neurological disorder (FND).

This therapy focuses on addressing the psychological impact of these conditions, providing support, developing coping strategies, and improving overall well-being.

2.    Individual therapy specifically tailored for neurodivergent athletes. Neurodivergent athletes may include individuals with conditions such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or other neurodevelopmental differences.

The therapy aims to address the unique challenges faced by neurodivergent athletes in sports and enhance their mental well-being. It may focus on improving self-confidence, managing anxiety, developing coping skills, and optimising performance in sports.

3.    Consultation services to coaches and families of neurodivergent athletes. The purpose of these consultations is to collaboratively develop individual care plans that support the engagement, performance, and mental health of the athletes.

Through these consultations, Dr. Fialho provides guidance and expertise in understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by neurodivergent athletes. The care plans may include strategies to optimise training, manage stress and anxiety, foster communication, and create a supportive environment that promotes both athletic development and mental well-being.

Dr Renata Fialho is Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Researcher, with extensive experience working with adults with mental health difficulties. She completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in Lisbon, Master’s in Medical and Psychology School in HIV and her PhD in chronic illness and neurocognition from the University of Sussex.


Currently, Dr Renata Fialho also works in an NHS specialist service, where she has developed extensive experience with post-Covid syndrome, emotional difficulties associated with long-term or chronic conditions, such as FND, long Covid, fibromyalgia, and persistent physical symptoms.

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