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 our client relationship management

We understand the importance of relationships. We want the quality of our client relationship management to make us a cut above our competitors.

How do we intend to do this?


We want to consistently provide our clients with the highest possible levels of service. To achieve this, we are constantly monitoring our performance. We generate regular Key Performance Indicators (KPI) so we can identify any potential areas of weakness and make the necessary improvements. Not only will we review our KPI data regularly, but we will also publish it so you can scrutinise our performance.


Supplementary to our KPI data, we will also provide our clients with regular information on their mental health profiles. This anonymised data will help you determine whether there are any trends of concern emerging in your business. We can consider together whether there are any specific interventions we can help you put in place to ameliorate these concerns.


We want to continually improve our services. Analysing our service quality helps us do this but we want to go a step further. We would like to survey our service users and our therapist network to assess whether there are any areas of service weakness.


We are also keen to share any product enhancements with you. Your regular meeting with your Client Relationship Manager will be an excellent opportunity for us to do this. We do not want to rest on our laurels, we want to constantly improve our offering so we can retain clients and attract new business.


We will give each of our clients their own bespoke telephone number to call us. This means we know it is you calling us, and we can be sure to immediately provide the individual level of service you require. Our UK-based communications centre will be ready to take your call from 8am – 5pm.


We want to really understand the needs of our customers so we can tailor our services accordingly. We know that a one size fits all approach to mental health does not work so we would like to work with you to achieve your mental health objectives.


We know it can be frustrating dealing with different people each time you contact a supplier. We, therefore, assign a dedicated Client Relationship Manager to your business who will be your primary point of contact. This ensures consistency and familiarity in your communications with us.


Our company is owned and run by mental health professionals, so we completely understand the fundamental need to keep the information confidential. We have robust policies and procedures in place which are supported by internal training programmes. We are using a clinically secure system to retain our mental health records. We also use this system to conduct our one-to-one talk therapy which is more secure than many other video conferencing service providers. Rest assured that no sensitive data will be communicated over an insecure medium.


We only use therapists that have been vetted by us. In fact, we have interviewed all our therapists to ensure they have the credentials, experience, and skills required to work for us. We have hand-selected individuals whom we think will strongly represent our brand and ethos.

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